Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Resource Based Economy - What If I'm Wrong?

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Okay, I said I would TRY to make shorter videos! :P
Admitting you're wrong only becomes difficult to do if you insist on attaching our own ego or self-worth to the position you currently hold. I have yet to make that mistake. If I defend my position it's because I genuinely feel that the opposition either hasn't truly understood it, or hasn't successfully refuted it, or both. When it comes to this topic, I have been, and shall remain, willing to change my mind IF the logic calls for it. (How else could I have become an Atheist?)
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Ms. Hume, a general comment:
Kudos for addressing the critiques of the movement in as eloquent and civil a manner as you do. I enjoy your dismantling of poorly reasoned arguments and dogma with good old-fashioned facts and logic :) If I could offer one observation -- it might be that you dignify too many of these ankle-biters with the generosity of a response. I'd rather hear more of your original thoughts on how to move our society forward than have you waste time on people too lazy to read any of the FAQs. It's a tough balance to strike, and I know you/we have to engage critics as well as the like-minded. Just puttin' that out there :) ... not saying it ain't fun watching you destroy people from time to time, only that your talents could be put to better use!

I pretty much agree with Akweli here.

When I read some of your (yes I am referring to Brandy here)replies to comments, they often come across as irritated responses (well at least the way I hear your voice in my mind when I am reading your replies - you sound pretty irritated). While not a problem in itself there is indeed a balance to such things, but I am sure you are already aware of these things.

As for "original thoughts" well, that could be interesting, but what I find truly intriguing is the dialogue between people (such as Brandy and other seasoned activists, but also engineers, social scientists, economists, psychologists) having interested themselves in, and had time to digest and process these issues for a longer period of time.

That is what I hope B-radio will bring us in one way or another.

You are absolutely right the RBE will work. We live in a capitalistic world that is painted by the one percent with the power to educate us away from the realities of life. I am sure that you saw Charles Ferguson's Inside Job in 2010. Politicians who are funded by the same capitalists cannot support Fresco but if we listen to TED Talks, Fresco's ideas are seeping into the mainstream of science but they are mostly economic based. It is a real challenge to teach these truths. I have been teaching them in one way or another all my life. I am a teacher and I travel and life is hard for most people who survive in the third world because of first world policies and many have died trying to change it. I shall teach it till I die or till I'm convinced that another way is better, as Fresco himself advocates.
I am Christopher McMaster of Trinidad and Tobago.

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